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Grow Better with Our Garden Guide

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Our Garden Guide is packed full of tips, idea and advice about gardening in Niagara. 

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Container Gardening, Niagara

Container Gardens

Even the smallest spaces outdoor spaces can fit a container garden or two! Learn how to plant and care for yours, here. » Read


Whether you prefer annuals, perennials, have a shade garden or full sun, flowers add colour, scent, texture and beauty to any garden. » Read

Trees & Shrubs, Niagara Garden Centre

Trees & Shrubs

Trees and shrubs provide stucture and substance to your garden space. Read on for help choosing, planting and caring for them, here. » Read

Vegetables & Edibles, Niagara Garden Centre

Vegetables & Edibles

There's nothing more rewarding that harvesting fruits and vegetables from your very own garden. We can help you grow your own! » Read

Seeds, Niagara Garden Centre


We've got the tips and advice you need for seed growing success, from help with sowing, to chooing the right soil and growing environment.  » Read

Flower Bulbs, Niagara Garden Centre


From spring blooming bulbs like tulips and daffodils, to summer bloomers like dahlias, bulbs will add colour and vibrancy to your garden. » Read

Seasonal Plants, Niagara Garden Centre


Here you'll find tips, advice and tutorials for holiday gardening, flower arrangements, adding interest to your winter garden, and more. » Read

Soil & Mulch, Niagara Garden Centre

Soil & Mulch

Beautiful gardens start with high-quality soil and mulch. Let us help you choose the right soil and mulch for your garden or your next project. » Read

Garden & Lawn Fertilizer, Niagara


A good fertilizer is the gardener's secret weapon when it comes to keeping plants looking lush in less than ideal conditions. » Read

Garden Guide, Country Basket, Niagara

The Full Garden Guide

If you're looking for wide ranging gardening advice, click here to browse our full Garden Guide, written by our Niagara gardening experts. » Read

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