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Custom Planting Service

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Pam Bongers (the owner) and staff are our custom planting architects!  They'll work with you to custom design your dream planters or container gardens that fit your budget and the style of your Niagara garden.

At The Country Basket, we design container gardens for people that either lead a very hectic lifestyle, or just don't have the know how to make their own planters or hanging baskets.

If you have a design for a container that you would like to have come to life, or you only want to use certain colours or flowers, please talk to Pam and her staff. They will be glad to work with you on your unique planting project and make sure that you have exactly what you're looking for.

Custom container planting is offered in all seasons. Bring in your containers for early spring planting, summer, fall, and even winter. If you haven't got "the perfect pot", please choose from our large selection of containers.

In early spring we can do great container arrangements with pansies, spring bulbs, ivy, and pussy willow branches, just to brighten up your front porch and your winter blues. Summer containers can be planted with thousands of different combinations using distinctive and colourful plants.

In the fall, garden mums can be used to freshen up your summer planter, or have a whole new planter made up.

For winter outdoor arrangements, we carry a wide variety of freshly cut greenery, dogwood branches and berries to make your containers look spectacular. In winter, we also create custom wreaths. If you prefer to make your own Christmas urns, we have 'basic urns' (with greenery and branches) to which you can add accessories from our Sparkle Bar.

For all you do-it-your-selfers, we can also help you pick out the appropriate plants and let you have the enjoyment of planting your containers at home, just ask any of our staff for some assistance.

Custom Planting

Each pot we make is custom made for YOU! Please bring in your CLEAN pots and we'll discuss design and budget at that time.

Container Garden Tips

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Did You Know?

  • Perennials are great for containers too. They add structure and form with interesting foliage colors and shapes along with beautiful flowers. Let your imagination go wild. We will guide you to the best ones for pots.
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