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4 Seasons Urn Club

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4 Seasons Urn Club

There's so much to be thankful for living here in Niagara! One of the things I love most is the changing seasons. The first signs of Spring with bulbs bursting through the soil and little buds on branches. The lush and colourful blooms of Summer, Autumn's shades of rust, and evergreen branches in Winter.

Why not let us help you celebrate the start of each season by becoming part of Country Basket Garden Centre's Urn Club. 

As a member of the Urn Club, you are entitled to 4 seasonal planters which will be designed FOR YOU using fresh plants and greens. We can simplify your busy life by taking the guesswork out of what to plant and when. Leave the designing to us and we'll call you when your urn insert is ready for pick up. Too busy to pick up? Heck, we even offer a delivery service!

The Urn Club makes a great gift idea for Christmas, Birthdays and Anniversaries and, membership is easy to renew!

You can even order your 4 Seasons Urn Club membership online!

The "fine print"

  •  urns are "designers choice" and may not be exactly as show, some substitutions may occur based on availability
  •  one insert per season,  per Urn Club program purchased                                                                                                                                                

Due to the nature of the Urn Club, we are unable to accommodate specific requests. However, we do offer a Custom Planting Service. Please click here for details. 

We will contact you by phone to arrange for pick up of your Urn. We do offer a delivery service in the Niagara Region; please inquire for pricing.


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