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At Country Basket Garden Centre, you can now purchase your warranted plants and have them delivered and installed by professionals!


Installing your landscape can be long, tiring and confusing. We're here to help! Whether you are a customer looking to get your purchases installed or an existing/previous client to our design services, we are here for you!

Landscape Design as a Gift!

Purchase a Gift Card for Mothers Day, Fathers Day,
Birthday,New Home, Anniversary or Wedding gift....

"The Gift that keeps on Growing!"


Benefits of Installation

Product is:

  • ordered specifically for you, guaranteeing availability
  • hand-picked off the truck by the designer
  • personally maintained by the landscape crew until ready for planting
  • subject to in-store warranties and replaced with no labour charges
  • installed using professional techniques



Installation Rates + Services

  • not limited to clients of our design services
  • 2-3 man crew ranging from $75 - $125/hour (+HST)
  • $50/day (+HST) loading/service fee (eg. 3 day job = $150 + labour cost
  • installation of designs provided by The Country Basket Garden Centre
  • installation of plants purchased from The Country Basket Garden Centre (tree planting etc)
  • services include sod removal, small-scale plant removals, transplants, disposal of removals, delivery and installation of plant material, soil, mulch etc.

See Some of our Installations

Country Basket Garden Centre... one-stop shopping for Niagara gardeners.

Whatever you need, whether it's seeds, plants or information, our team of gardening experts is here for you!