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Donation Request Application

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The Country Basket Garden Centre  is interested in participating in fundraising events with non-profit organizations in our community. We are proud to support charitable organizations in our local community through in-kind donations or Gift Cards. 

To apply for a donation, this application* must be completely filled out at least 4 weeks prior to the date required. Letters, brochures, and the like may accompany the application but they do not replace it. You will receive a response from us if your request is APPROVED. If approved, you will receive an in-kind donation or a gift card that can be used for any product at Country Basket Garden Centre. Cash donations will not be given.

About 70% of donations are allocated for garden and community-related organizations. 20% to educational organizations and groups that support children, and the remaining goes to other groups. The average donation is $25 to allow us to help more organizations.

*A completed application is not an agreement to honour your request. Donations will not be given more than one time within a calendar year. A previous donation does not guarantee a donation will be offered again. By accepting a donation you are giving us permission to publish your organization as a recipient of a donation. If approved, please forward a tax receipt in the amount of the gift card donated. While we would like to be able to meet every request, as a small for-profit business we must focus our efforts on those that provide the most benefit to The Country Basket Garden Centre.

Country Basket Garden Centre, Niagara Falls

The Country Basket Garden Centre is conveniently located on Lundy's Lane in Niagara Falls.

Recent Recipients of Donations

Niagara Falls Horticultural Society

Project Share

Thorold Garden Club

Niagara Health System

Hotel Dieu Shaver

Niagara Falls KOA - Care Camps

Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre Niagara

City of Niagara Falls

United Way

Local churches, schools and senior citizen homes

Donation Request Form

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