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Your Bulbs vs. Squirrels

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Your Bulbs vs. Squirrels

Squirrels, as cute as they are, can be a bit of a pest concerning bulbs – especially with tulips.

If you've noticed in the spring that some of your tulips seem to be missing or have been mysteriously relocated, it was probably a squirrel. Here are a few ideas for keeping squirrels away, and keeping your garden colourful come spring!

Use a repellent.

One option is to use a repellent like bloodmeal to deter the squirrels. Bloodmeal is a scent based repellent and most squirrels will avoid it.

However, be warned, it can be a bit smelly especially when wet, and it needs to be reapplied after each rain fall to maintain its effectiveness. Keep in mind also that it's a fertilizer, so do a little research before using it in your garden, to find out how it will affect your plants.

Smooth your soil. 

Smoothing the soil where you have planted your bulbs confuses the squirrels. This is because they look for disturbed earth to dig up, hoping for bounty.

Another trick is to rake leaves over your garden to disguise the spots where you've been digging.

Plant your bulbs later.

I have also found that if you plant bulbs later in the fall, there is a smaller window of opportunity for the squirrels to dig them up. So this year, consider putting off your bulb planting until late October.

Plant bulbs squirrels don't like.

As mentioned above, squirrels are highly attracted to tulip bulbs. However, daffodils, crocus and hyacinths all seem to remain untouched by squirrels. If you're struggling to keep the squirrels away, try planting more bulbs that don't interest them.

If you have more questions about keeping animals and pests out of your garden, feel free to get in touch with the Country Basket team. We'd be glad to give you advice specific to your needs and your garden.

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