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At the Country Basket Garden Centre, we carry a variety of flower bulbs that will keep your Niagara garden blooming all spring and summer long. 

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Spring & Summer Bulbs in Niagara

Rarely do people regret planting spring flowering bulbs in the fall. Many come into our garden centre in the spring saying they wish they had planted spring bulbs after seeing all the beautiful spring displays in their neighbourhoods.

There are also a number of bulbs that can be planted in the spring and bloom in the summer. At the Country Basket Garden Centre, we carry a wide range of bulbs that can be planted in the spring and summer, for a dramatic and colourful multi-season show!

Bulb Tips

Which Bulbs Should I Plant in the Fall?

At the Country Basket Garden Centre, we offer a variety of bulbs that can be planted in the fall for beautiful flowers come spring. Here are just a few of the varieties on offer for your Niagara garden.

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Did You Know?

  • Before you dig into the soil, place your bulbs around your garden in odd-number clumps. Clumps of 7 or 9 bulbs will make a bigger impact than single bulbs sporadically planted around your garden.
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