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Annuals: Five Steps to Fantastic Color

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Annuals: Five Steps to Fantastic Color

Though annual flowers must be planted new every year, they provide a blast of colour all season long that's truly worth the effort. Read on for some tips from the Country Basket Garden Centre for planting annuals in your Niagara garden this year.

The best flowers start with well-prepared soil.

Most flowers love soft well-drained soils. To turn even the worst dirt into “Super Soil”, add organic matter .

Select your annuals carefully.

Sun-loving plants generally do poorly in shade, and shade-loving plants scorch in the sun. If you're not sure which plants will grow best in your growing conditions, ask us!

You usually need 2 or 3 sizes of flowers to give your bed a three dimensional look. Solid blocks of colour show better than flower mixes. Think of yourself painting your landscape with a paint brush. Our staff is always there to help you out if you wish.

Plant carefully, too.

Scrape the roots with your fingers to break up the outside roots a bit. With a trowel, move the mulch aside slightly, plant the plant and press the soil around the roots. Water thoroughly.

Tidy your beds on a regular basis.

Keep the weeds from getting a good start. It is much easier to remove them when they are small. Mulch will keep 90% of the weeds out.

Remove dead blossoms when you are in your beds looking for weeds. This “deadheading” is needed only on dead blooms that are unsightly or where you see seed pods. Deadheading extends the flowering period of most flowers and keeps your bed sharper looking.

Water only as needed by soaking the beds without watering the leaves too much. Lots of sprinkler watering on the leaves promotes disease and rotting in the plants. Fertilize every 2 weeks with our liquid fertilizer.

Important: Enjoy the compliments of your neighbors and passers-by!

You deserve praise for adding such beauty to the community!

Need more help with planting your annuals this year? Pay us a visit at the Country Basket Garden Centre; our friendly team loves nothing more than helping our customers plot out their gardens!

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