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FREE Fertilizer Program!

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Keep your plants vibrant and beautiful all season long with the Country Basket Garden Centre FREE Fertilizer Program

Our Free Fertilizer Program requires an initial purchase of one of our fertilizer jugs for only $3.00 . This entitles you to fill up your jug as often as you like, all season long, with our pre-mixed, all-purpose fertilizer (in the big water tank).

This is the same liquid fertilizer that we use here at the Country Basket to generate beautiful, lush plants!

The fertilizer is pre-mixed, so all you have to do is water every third watering with our fertilizer, just like you would water normally, just make sure the soil is moist before hand.

You can use the liquid fertilizer on indoor plants, hanging baskets, container planters or in your flower beds. There is no other obligation to you except that the jug provided is the only jug you can use for this purpose.

And, once you return your jug at the end of the season, we'll give you $2.00 of your purchase back. Then we'll do it all again next year!

So pay us a visit at the Country Basket Garden Centre any time to join our FREE Fertilizer Program, and let us help you make your Niagara garden beautiful this summer! 

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