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  • Meeting on site to assess and analyze area(s) to be designed (1 - 2 hrs)
  • Discuss style, preferences, and goals and objectives of the project
  • Gather significant information such as sun exposure, drainage etc.
  • Measure and photograph the space
  • Locate and identify existing plants to stay, be removed or transplanted
  • INCLUDES 3D illustrations to ensure the vision has been captured

3D Illustration  (included in consultation fee)

  • 3D Illustration of photographed areas
  • accurate depiction of vision
  • preliminary plan to visually represent intended colour scheme, height, texture etc.
  • used as a framework for the 2D design

before and after bar

2D Scaled Drawing and Plan  (varying $)

  • begins after the 3D Illustration has been approved
  • 2D scaled drawing of the area with the new design
  • plant list
  • cost estimate for all materials (plants, soil, mulch, labour etc)

With the Landscape Design software we are able to offer options for your design (click photos to expand).

The O'Mara Residence; The homeowners had a disappointing experience with a previous landscaper and needed parts of the bed fixed, and the planting designed. The homeowner was looking for a multi-seasonal, pollinator-friendly garden with lime green foliage and raspberry pink blooms (to match their front door). Photos capture the existing garden, the 3D illustrations of spring and summer with two different ornamental trees to pick from. 

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