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Your 'To Do' list for April

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By Charlene McKenzie

Anxious to get your hands in the dirt? We get it! Temperatures may still be cool but there's a whole lot you could be doing to get your gardens ready for planting.

You’ll need a rake, a spade or shovel, a lawn edger, pruners, garden gloves, a kneeling pad, and a garden tote or pouch for your tools. To begin, pick up sticks and debris from your lawn, rake it, and apply lawn seed and soil, and spring lawn fertilizer.

Cut back ornamental grasses and cut back dead stems and leaves of perennials such as hosta and daylilies. If you planted spring bulbs last fall, move back mulch and leaves from emerging tulips and daffodils, but try to leave most ground covering undisturbed to protect dormant beneficial insects. Edge flowerbeds to keep your lawn from creeping into the flower gardens, amend your soil with a layer of compost, and apply a layer of fresh mulch around trees and shrubs.

It’s a good time to divide emerging perennials, especially sedum, hosta and daylilies, and to move shrubs and plants. Prune shrubs and vines according to their type. Prune spring bloomers such as forsythia and lilacs after they bloom. April’s also a great time to plant trees and shrubs, while temperatures are cooler and there’s still moisture in the soil. Evergreens, trees and flowering shrubs are available at Country Basket beginning in early April.

Plan your gardens and buy flower and vegetable seeds now while the selection is best. Some can be started inside now under bright light, and a few cold-weather crops such as peas, lettuce and kale can be planted in the ground in mid-April.

Wash pots and planters and refill them with fresh soil to be ready for planting season.

As spring progresses more perennials, annuals and vegetables will become available at Country Basket. We carry all the tools, soils, mulches and seeds you need to start your spring off right. Check our website and visit us every week to see what’s new!

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