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Tips for Forcing Branches Indoors

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Tips for Forcing Branches Indoors

Forcing your own branches to leaf out indoors can be an extremely satisfying and rewarding endeavour. Follow these steps to make sure your branches grow into healthy, happy shrubs!

Give your branch a fresh, clean cut.

Make a fresh cut on the end of your branch whenever the cut ends are exposed to air. Exposure will lead to healing, and when the cut end seals, it can't take up new water. 

Choose a clean container. 

Choosing a clean container will eliminate the chance that bacteria could be lurking in your pot.

Next, a little water.

After placing your freshly cut branches into your container, fill approximately half of your vase with cold, clean water. Change the water if it becomes murky.

Watch as your branches sprout new roots.

As your branches enjoy their new warmer climate they will start to show signs of spring.  Most branches take two to four weeks inside before they bloom, although a few go as long as six weeks. Once in bloom, the flowers/ blooms last about a week.

What a magical sight to see! Once you have a nice, healthy display of roots you can plant your branches in a pot of soil. Keep your new 'shrubs' indoors until you can safely plant them outside. 
Bring your pots outside on warm sunny days, then inside during cold nights.

Repeat until the days warm up and it's safe to plant.

If you have more questions about how to force branches indoors for your Niagara garden, feel free to pop by for a visit to the Country Basket Garden Centre. Our staff can help you with all the advice and materials you could need!

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