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Our Poinsettia Collection

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Our Poinsettia Collection

Yes, we have traditional red poinsettias but there are so many more colours to choose from!

When you think about poinsettias, a pretty red flower probably comes to mind but nowadays there are so many more colours to choose from. Red may be "the" colour for Christmas but it may not suit your decor; why not consider a cream or pink poinsettia instead?

Poinsettias are native to Mexico and grow wild in dense bushes. Because of Niagara's climate, poinsettias must remain indoors in the winter. Poinsettias like lots of direct light so place your plants near a southern, eastern or western window and keep the soil moist while they are still in bloom. Water your plant well then, after about an hour, get rid of any excess water so that your poinsettia doesn't sit in water.

Have a look at some of the poinsettias we have grown for you ....

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