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Reserve your Christmas tree!

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Reserve your Christmas tree!

You know the feeling, the feeling you get when you pick out the PERFECT Christmas tree. It's just the right height, has lots of sturdy branches to hang your decorations and it just smells good. But, what if you're not ready to take it home today?...pick it out now, then pick it up later!*

Trees will be ready to be reserved the weekend of November 18th - 19th, 2023! *Trees reserved the weekend of Nov 18,19 are eligible for FREE delivery to your Niagara home! Please see our cashiers for more details of delivery dates.

Every November we transform our outdoor nursery into a forest-like display of Christmas trees. Each tree is hung up so that you can see all around the tree - no squishing up against a parking lot fence. Once you have selected your tree, we will give it a fresh cut before wrapping and strapping it into (or onto!) your car**. If you're not ready to take home your tree today, you can RESERVE your tree, at no extra charge.

We carry Premium Balsam Fir (6-7 ft, 7-8 ft and 8-10 ft) and Premium Fraser Fir (in sizes 6 through 12 ft)  all of which are grown in Canada. 

If you would like a 12ft tree or larger for next season please email us to be put on the contact list. We will contact you in the summer to order one specially for you; info@countrybasketniagara.com 

Tips for keeping your Christmas tree looking fresh throughout the holiday season;

1. Place your tree in a tree stand with a large water reservoir. Freshly cut Christmas trees are thirsty and the reservoir will need to be checked daily. Replenish as needed. Gradually, your tree will require less water.

2. Choose a spot away from fireplaces, candles and heat sources such as radiators. Turn off Christmas lights when you go to bed.

Visit the Niagara Region's website just after Christmas for dates when the Region will be picking up Christmas trees in your neighbourhood.

For more information on reserving your Christmas tree, please contact us.

**we also offer a delivery service in the Niagara region.

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