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A Word About Potting Mix

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A Word About Potting Mix

Potting mix is ideal for hanging baskets and container gardening. It is lightweight and allows for excellent drainage. And you may be surprised to learn, it's actually a soilless mix!

If you use Triple Blend mix, top soil or black earth in your containers, you will find that they will become very dense and heavy. While ideal for the garden, triple mix and top soil are not well suited for containers.

Why use potting mix?

Potting mix is actually a soilless mix. That's right; it contains no soil!

Potting mix is a sterile planting medium that consists of peatmoss, coarse sand, perlite and vermiculite. This means it's ideal for planters because it will not attract pests or harmful diseases and there are no weed spores in it!

The only downside to using a soilless mix is the lack of nutrients it contains.

This can be easily remedied however, by adding a slow-release fertilizer, or by watering with a liquid fertilizer bi-weekly.

If you're looking for advice about which types of soil you should use in different parts of your garden, pay us a visit at the Country Basket Garden Centre! We can help you choose just the right soil or mix for the job.

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