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Urn Club - Square

As a member of the Urn Club, you are entitled to 4 seasonal planters which will be designed FOR YOU using fresh plants and greens. We can simplify your busy life by taking the guesswork out of what to plant and when. Leave the designing to us and we'll call you when your urn insert is ready for pick up. If you require a specific date for your urn, please let us know. Too busy to pick up? Heck, we even offer a delivery service!

You can start your membership at any time of year, you will receive an urn for each of the 4 seasons no matter which season you start with.

The Urn Club makes a great gift idea for Christmas, Birthdays and Anniversaries and membership is easy to renew!

For more information on pick up dates, please click here.

This urn insert is 15" square and is made of heavy-duty plastic. This pot can be used as a liner or can stand alone.

(15" across, 12" high, 12" base)