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Installation Service

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At Country Basket Garden Centre, you can now purchase your warranted plants and have them delivered and installed by professionals!

Installation Service

Installing your landscape can be long, tiring and confusing. We're here to help! Need a small tree, shrub or perennial transplanted or removed before the new purchase is installed? We do that too! We will also supply the soil, mulch and tree stakes.

Landscape Design as a Gift!

Purchase a Gift Card for Mothers Day, Fathers Day,
Birthday,New Home, Anniversary or Wedding gift....

"The Gift that keeps on Growing!"

Have you been sitting on your Country Basket Landscape Design and are now ready to begin the installation process? Please fill out the contact form below and Molly will reach out to answer your questions and begin the journey to your dream garden! 

What's the benefit of getting your Country Basket Design installed by us? Our designer hand picks the best stock, holds and maintains plants specifically for you, can make alternative suggestions for plants that are currently unavailable, guaranteed industry standard, proper nutrient application, AND all perennials, trees and shrubs are covered under our warranty.

Design Installation $75/hour (+HST)

  • 2 person crew
  • $50/day (+HST) loading/commute fee (eg 3 day job = $150 + labour cost (+HST)
  • installation of designs provided by Country Basket Garden Centre
  • includes sod removal, small-scale plant removals, and transplants plus disposal of removals
  • installation of plant material with Bone Meal
  • delivery and installation of soil and mulch

The Wang Residence; Mother and daughter had recently moved into their new home and wanted the existing gardens cleaned up and redesigned with colour, multi-seasonality, and low maintenance plants. Photos capture the before and after of the installation.

Walk-In Installation $75/hour (+HST)

  • 2 person crew
  • $50/day (+HST) loading/commute fee (eg 3 day job = $150 + labour cost (+HST)
  • geared towards customers who;
  1. have purchased Country Basket plants
  2. need plant installation without a design (eg. 8' cedar hedge, single/multiple tree installation)

psst that's Robyn, one of our Landscape Design Crew members!

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