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BOGO Special for June 22nd-28th, 2017

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BOGO Special for June 22nd-28th, 2017


Our BOGOs run from Thursday mornings until Wednesday at close every week. Buy one item at regular retail price and get the second item for free! Sorry, we do not offer rain checks.

This week's BOGOs are;

Purslane (annual) in a 4" pot. Regular price $3.49. Purslane loves a dry, hot sunny spot in your annual garden or container. 

Cleome (annual)  in a 1 gallon pot. Regular price $7.99. This tall annual is sure to be the star in a container or in your sunny flower bed.

Sunflower (annual) in a 6" pot. Regular price $7.99. WOW! That's what visitors to your garden will say when they are greeted with this bright, cheerful flower!

Shasta Daisy (perennial) in a 4"pot. Regular price $3.99. This low maintenance perennial does best in fertile soil. Dead head spent blooms occasionally and you will enjoy bright, cheerful flowers for many weeks!

Digitalis (foxglove) (perennial) in a 1 gallon pot. Regular price $11.99. Plant in full sun to part shade and Digitalis will reward you with stunning flowers!

Blue Arctic Willow (tree) in a 4 gallon pot. Regular price $90, now 40% off.  Blue Arctic willow is fast growing and tolerates harsh pruning. Plant it in a spot with moist to wet soil and it will provide privacy, as well as act as a wind breaker.

Our guarantee does not cover product bought at sale or BOGO pricing.

Did you know we have "Happy Hour" every Friday in our CB Flower Boutique? All ready made bouquets are 50% off from 4pm until we close and this Friday is no exception. Bring some fresh flowers home and brighten up your day!

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